Summer’s over, so I won’t bother with UV care for a while- ever thought this?
The amount of UV rays in the atmosphere will fluctuate depending on the season, but they’re still there all year round. Compared to summer, the amount of short-wavelength UV B waves decrease by about 80% in winter. However UV A waves, which penetrate deep into your skin, only decrease by 50%. So make sure to protect your skin and hair from UV rays in autumn and winter too!

01. 行楽、ウィンタースポーツなど秋冬のお出かけ時に!

Autumn is the season for trips away, and winter is the season for snow sports. UV care is a must even for these seasons, where you will find yourself heading out often.
It’s especially important to protect yourself on snowy days from the reflected sunlight, as the reflection rate of UV rays off new snow is extremely high at 80%. Make sure you apply gel and essence to your body and underneath your make-up before leaving the house, and when you get to where you’re going, don’t forget spray over your hair and make-up.

02. 冬は夏より日照時間が長い!? 日常のUVケアも忘れずに

Most people associate pollen with spring, but autumn has its own problems, with pollen from garden weeds spreading through the air. Did you also know that in autumn, the amount of dust in the air increases? SUNCUT provides allergy protection, so it protects your skin from environmental stressors such as pollen, dust and dirt.

02. 冬は夏より日照時間が長い!? 日常のUVケアも忘れずに

You may think that because the days are longer, the hours of sunlight are longer in summer. Actually, they are longer in winter. The days are shorter in winter, but there are a lot of clear days. The likelihood of a clear day in July is on average 40% and in August is 54% , and quite low. In contrast, this is 71% in December and 72% in January, and much higher. Looking at the above graph, we can see that the total hours of sunlight are longer in winter than in summer and spring. Don’t let your guard down just because it’s autumn or winter- take care to perform daily UV care.

※Source: Japan Meteorological Agency, total period: 1981 to 2010, total values: Tokyo

04. 日やけしていない秋冬こそ紫外線の影響大!

Melanin , the cause of blemishes and freckles, tends be thought of as the bad guy, but actually, its role is to protect your skin from UV rays. Compared to when your skin colour is darker due to tanning, you have less melanin in your skin when you are not tanned, making you more prone to the effects of UV rays. So, damage to your skin might accumulate just when you feel safe because your summer tan has abated!? The key to UV protection, is doing it all year round.

In autumn, your skin will be fatigued in autumn, due to the influence of summer UV rays. Make sure you moisturise and remove old keratin properly, keeping your skin in good shape. The humidity will have just started to lower, meaning your skin is likely to dry out. UV rays will still be fairly strong during this period , so keep up the UV care.

Even though UV rays are said to be weaker, UV A rays do not fluctuate much depending on the season, so don’t drop your guard. The atmosphere will be drier during this period, so in addition to making sure you hydrate your skin sufficiently with moisturiser, take steps to prepare your skin for spring when UV rays will increase again, for example with UV reducing essence.


*Highest factor of national standards within our company.